Dog health

healthy dogPuppies and dogs are not self-cleaning, some breeds require more care than others, but it is important to take responsibility for the physical comfort of your pet.

  1. Wash your dog every 6 weeks with a mild shampoo and immediately if it rolls in cow or fox poo.  Choose a mild shampoo such as Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.
  2. If a dog is walked a few times a week on paving stones in the street, the paving acts as a nail file and less visits to the vet for cutting nails becomes necessary.  It is important to learn how much nail you can cut off without causing bleeding from the cuticle being damaged so veterinary advice is important.
  3. Check eyes every day as many dogs have ‘runny eyes’ or ‘blocked ducts’ and its eyes may need washing with sterile water and cotton wool.
  4. Check ears on a weekly basis and to be aware if your dog appears to be rubbing its ears on the ground or scratching one of them.
  5. Some dogs coats are divided into top and lower coats to keep rain off them. Just brushing the top coat is not sufficient, as knots can develop underneath.
  6. Check that your dog is clean around its bottom and if it rubs its back-side on the ground  it probably means that its anal glands are blocked and a trip to the vet becomes necessary.
  7. Brushing or combing a dog is important for a number of reasons:
  • Showing that you are the pack leader and can do what you want to your dog
  • Ensuring knots do not form on fur
  • Checking for fleas

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